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The Company

NameWealthBridge Financial Group
TaglineWe create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.
HQNew York, NY
# Employees5-10
Growth StageSmall Business
DescriptionHelping CPAs help their business / Professional clients Reduce Taxes while saving for Retirement.
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The Case Assignment

Private Wealth Target Audience Assessment

Case Synopsis

Private Wealth Managers are informed financial experts that help successful working professionals prepare for their futures. In order to properly plan for you future, you have to be very informed on the types of strategies that work, especially based on each clients risk appetite. WealthBridge Financial Services has a hunch that the idea target audience for their products and services are CPAs. Commercial Real Estate Professionals, and Senior Medical Professionals. WealthBridge would like for you to help them better understand the similarities and differences between these target audience segments. What size are each of these audiences? What are their average salaries? What makes them similar / different from one another. Hopefully also - propose which is the best to target and why!

Your Instructions

Please prepare a slide deck that highlights your target audience analysis and your recommendation of which audience to focus on and why

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