Project Based Learning Engagements

Bridge the gap between classroom and career by organizing high-impact project-based experiences including real challenges from real organizations with real industry mentors

Industry-Integrated Project Based Learning

Industry-integrated project-based learning activities connect students with organizations that are currently trying to solve a real challenge. During their collaboration, students are able to work with industry leaders and receive actual feedback as they work through analyzing the challenge and providing suggestions.

Project-based learning experiences are essential for student success post-graduation. These experiences offer students the opportunity to engage in real-world scenarios and work on real-world projects, which provides them with practical hands-on experience in their field of study. These types of projects also offer students the opportunity to network within specific industries, gain résumé-worthy experience, and potentially gain future employment.

Considering the variety of ways academic organizations look to design industry-integrated project-based learning programs, CapSource has designed a fully-customizable technology solution that helps to optimize the project design process, the collaboration between users, and the mechanisms to track and evaluate outcomes using three core formats: one project one team, one project many teams, many projects many teams.

Project-Based Formats

CapSource users leverage our project-based learning module to customize, build, manage, and scale all sorts of organized, high-impact experiential learning programs...

Internship: Projects designed by organizations to help recruit, develop, and evaluate young talent
Micro-Internship: Shorter term internship designed to help recruit, develop, and evaluate talent quickly
Apprenticeship: Longer term project designed to provide talent with deep exposure to a field and mentor
Capstone: Student consulting project designed to help connect academic curriculum to real-world challenges
Live Case: Class project framed as a live case study for one or more student teams to work on
Clinic: Practical, hands-on practice for talent as they look for ways to serve organizations and/or individuals
Co-Op: Academic project designed to develop and expose talent through immersive work-like experience
Research Project or Field Study: Research project designed to create new concepts
Volunteer Service Learning: Activate and organize talent by helping them meaningful engage and serve non-profit or public sector organizations
Case Competition: Organize a challenge designed for student teams to compete to come up with the best insights
Work Study: Co-curricular on-campus work responsibilities provided by department or function

Configure your environment to optimize...

Single Project, Single Team/Participant

This engagement format allows educators and industry collaborators to customize and manage all aspects of the project and timeline for the most personalized experience. 

Single Project, Multi-Team

This engagement format is designed for educators to optimize the environment where every team of students is working on the same project for the same organization. 

Multi-Project, Multi-Team

This engagement format is designed to help educators as they look to optimize cohort-based experiences that involve many industry partners, many industry mentors, many projects, and many teams of students.

CapSource's Technology Gives you Access to...

  • Managing Unlimited Partners: 

    Connect and manage one or multiple Industry partners

  • Managing Unlimited Projects:

    Design one or many projects with one or many industry partners

  • Enrolling Students:

    Manage as few or as many students and projects as you’d like

  • Any Duration:

    Design projects for a few days, a few weeks, or 1-2 semesters

  • Any Rigor:

    Projects can be for introductory, intermediate, or advanced-level learning

  • Any Modality:

    Our technology is fully adaptable to on-site or virtual collaborations

How Project Based Experiences Can Benefit Your Students


Work on REAL issues that companies are facing in today’s marketplace. These experiences give students a glimpse into what business is like outside the classroom and can provide them with Resume-Worthy experiences.


Students who participate in a LiveCase experience will develop skills crucial for early career success. While solving real industry challenges for industry leaders they receive feedback from members of their team as well as industry mentors. Students can then self-reflect on the experience and identify areas of strength as well as areas that need improvement.


Give your students an oppoturnity to work with top industry executives as they work on a case for their company. In the LiveCase experience students are given the opportunity to meet with the industry partner executives and ask questions both about the project as well as personal.

Maximize the impact of your project-based learning using these key features...

Design the format that will best fits your needs

With three unique and fully customizable industry-integrated project-based learning formats, there is no program that you can’t optimize using our technology. Regardless of the engagement format you choose, you’ll have all your projects, resources, industry partners, industry mentors, academic collaborators, students, deliverables, and evaluation data in one place.

More Efficiently Recruit Industry Partners

During the program-building process, you have the option to create a Request for Proposal (RFP). A RFP outlines the teaching goals, collaboration requirements, and timeline to ensure industry partners clearly understand the objective of the collaboration. Easily share your RFP with your alumni and employer network or leverage our matchmaking service, which guarantees the leads you need to organize suitable projects for your students.

Streamline Industry Partners' Onboarding Process

Choose from templates that you feel best fit your specific needs. The template selected will be seen by organizations first to allow them to build a project proposal that best suits your individual needs.

Manage Student and Industry Rosters

Easily onboard students and as many industry mentors as needed for any project. You can choose to have students sign up or you can load in a student roster directly on the platform.

Finalize Project Details and Assign Students to Teams and Projects

Utilize CapSource’s Project Builder to finalize your project. Here you can upload any supporting materials needed for the project. Once completed you can easily create your student teams adding students to custom teams as well as industry mentors if needed.

Track Deliverables, Industry Feedback, and Evaluation Data

Track student progress through the CONNECT platform to ensure all students are on track for project completion. As students progress through the project, they will be prompted to complete surveys which will allow you to gauge how they are performing and identify areas that need improvement.

You will also receive any and all feedback from industry partners as well as post-project evaluation data. This post-project evaluation data will allow you to see how students felt they worked as a team as well as what they liked about the project and what they felt needed improvement.


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