Capstone – Project

Fall 2021 Community Building Internship

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Project Synopsis

Lehigh's Innovator's Alliance is looking for some help from current Lehigh students to achieve their growth goals to become a well-known, trusted alumni community that is dedicated to bringing together a range of innovative alumni from different industries and sectors that have a passion for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
The Innovator's Alliance is hoping to leverage students to research interests from alumni who have been engaged in the community to-date in order to learn more about how current members feel about the community and wha tother types of activities might work, especially virtually, to allow us to continue building out our community. We also would like your help increasing engagement within our community, coordinating a few meaningful events, and increasing traction on-campus with other students so we can incorporate them in our events in the future.
We are looking to grow our Slack member base to 1000 total members who are more frequently using and engaging with our network. We're also looking to align with several organizations on-campus that can serve as a feeder for young alumni once students transition out of school.

Project Topics

Data Management

Growth Strategy



Org Culture, D&I

PR & Communications

Product Design & Development

Sales & Business Development

Company Information

CompanyLehigh Innovator’s Alliance
StageHigh-Growth Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship

Company Overview

In 1865, Asa Packer’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Lehigh University, and through this action, he laid down the foundation for which his values could be passed on from generation to generation. From Baker Institute to Mountaintop and every school in between, innovation and entrepreneurship have been a significant part of our history, and it’s thriving at Lehigh more than ever.

Experiential Learning Program Details

SchoolLehigh University
Engagement Format -
CourseFall 2021 Community Building Internship
  • Undergraduate
  • All Graduate
Students Enrolled4
Meeting Day & TimeTBD
Student Time Commitment4-7 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment1 Hour
Duration10.57 Weeks

Program Timeline

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Industry Mentors

Company Admin

Invent @ Lehigh 

[email protected]

Academic Mentors


George Witmer

[email protected]


Abbey Goldenberg

[email protected]


Jennifer Cunningham 

[email protected]


Runjie Zhao 

[email protected]


Kevin Ezzell 

[email protected]


Jordan Zheng 

[email protected]

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