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Our technology empowers workforce development by facilitating scalable industry-integrated learning experiences

Our Customizable Industry-Integrated Experiential Learning Modules


Design, manage, and scale experiential learning programs that require students to work synchronously with outside stakeholders through carefully defined projects. For example, many of our partners leverage CapSource to organize capstones, credited internships, micro internships, work studies, study abroad programs, research projects, field studies, and more!


Browse our growing library of highly-interactive, customizable case-based learning experiences that can help students apply course content to real-world scenarios. This asynchronous approach is designed to make experiential learning more accessible and scalable for all disciplines by empowering educators to deliver relevant and exciting curricula. Case-based learning is an excellent way to prepare students to solve real complex challenges like an industry leader.


Empower members of your community to connect and inspire one another through customizable one-on-one OR cohort-based mentoring experiences that are designed to help students learn and grow professionally. With our tool, you can better connect, facilitate, and measure outcomes of the authentic connections made within your ecosystem based on your unique personal and professional development goals for your students.

How Educators Can Leverage CapSource