2022 CSE / CSB Capstone

Create Marketing Plan

MBA On the Spot Consulting Spring 2022

Gabelli Graduate Business Student Hackathon Spr...

Strategic Communication Capstone

GENUINO Open Case Competition ’21

MBA Hack-A-Thon (Indianapolis)

Build the GENUINO USA Go-To-Market Roadmap

Fall 2021 OpenCase Competition featuring GENUINO!

MBA Virtual Hack-A-Thon

Protean BioDiagnostics

Westwood International

Little Land

Global Expansion Planning for a US-based Boutiq...

Propose a Holistic Strategy for a Culture of Su...

Propose a Digital Transformation Plan at a Mult...

Small Business Seeking Recommendations for Mark...

Develop a Set of Market Landscapes for InsurTec...

The Mentor Project

Conduct a Business Expansion Analysis

Iconic Candy

BUS 700 Business Research (Capstone) – Sp...

DPU Student Consulting Experience


100 For All


Safe Place International

Sepa Mujer

New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc...

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

International MBA Consulting Summer 2020

International MBA Consulting Spring 2020

Porteiro Solutions

Spring 2021 Cycle

MBA Business Consulting (Spring 2022)

MBA Business Consulting (Fall 2021)


MBA Consulting Practicum – Adding Value T...


Business Innovation, The Future of Storytelling

Growth Strategy & Product Roadmap for Speci...

Centric Brands

Schulich Strategy Field Study

Networking & Cybersecurity


Well Traveled

Marketing and Business Development internship p...

Pack Leashes

LIU IQ – Honors Consulting Seminar

LIU Honors Consulting Seminar (Fall 21)

LIU Honors Consulting Seminar (Spring 21)


Integrated Accounting Capstone (Fall 20)

Integrated Accounting Capstone (Spring 21)

Marketing Consulting Engagement

IACBE Spring 2021 Interscholastic ACAM Live Cas...

IACBE Fall 2020 Scholastic Live Case Competition

IACBE Fall 2020 Interscholastic Live Virtual Ca...

Masters of Science in Technology Management Cap...

Virtual International Business Live Case

Summer Virtual Data Science consulting

Spring Virtual Data Science Consulting Project

Virtual Business Internship

Summer International MBA Consulting

Industry research & commercial plan using d...

International MBA Consulting

MBA “On-the-Spot” Consulting –...

MBA “On-the-Spot” Consulting

MBA “On-the-Spot” Consulting –...

UMD Consult Your Community (CYC) – Spring...

The Use of Conscious AI to Improve Business Per...

LIU IQ Student Consulting

LIU in London – Global Fashion Consulting...

MSBA Capstone – SPRING 2020

Senior Data Science Capstone (Spring 2020)

Northern Illinois University In-Class Advanced ...

Northern Illinois University In-Class Advanced ...

University of Maryland In-Class Advanced Cross-...

IACBE Spring 2019 Case Competition

IACBE Spring 2018 Case Competition

IACBE Munevo #OpenCase

REALITY Serves – NYC Spring 2020


MGMT 4900 – Logistics and Supply Chain Ma...

UMD MBA Strategy Engagement

UMD + Lehigh University Collaborative Co-Op

Social Media Marketing Internship

MBA Business Consulting (Spring 2022)

MBA Capstone

MBA Business Consulting (Spring 2021)

MBA Business Consulting (Fall 2021)

IACBE Spring 2020 Case Competition

IACBE Fall Virtual Case Competition

MBA Live Business Case


Management Studies Live Business Cases

Intro to Fashion and Merchandising