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Title Company Status
AI assisted rapid screening for thorax xrays Agia Solutions Scoping
Cyber Threat Hunting as a service for SMB TELECOM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.A.C. Scoping
Design the growth strategy: A scalable nationwide business model La Moneda Centro de Capacitación Scoping
Industry Research & Proof of Concept Study for Campaign Financing Data Visualizations Eleaes, LLC Scoping
How will you grow your school community on FreezeCrowd, Inc. Scoping
Designing a Better Talent Acquisition Strategy for Financial Service Associates Certified Financial Services Scoping
Could we hire our ideal employee without an interview? Practice Makes Perfect Scoping
Growing GoodTemps , strategies for business development, market analysis and industry research . Goodwill Industries NYNJ Scoping
AWS Lead cleaning (third party events) for Salesforce import Amazon Web Services
Go-To-Market Strategy Visualyser Inc. Scoping
Realizing new revenue streams through the various businesses Inven has embedded itself in within the esports industry Inven Global Scoping
Process Optimization for Organ Transplant, Recovery Teams and Surgeons LifeGift Finalized
Cost-Based Reimbursement for Lung Transplantation Utilizing Tevesol’s EVOSS LifeGift Scoping
Use Weather Trend Data to Predict Stock Market Performance Weather Trends International, Inc. Scoping
Market Analysis & Go-To-Market Strategy for Financial Technology Startup Arch Scoping
Innovate+ Club x Hartwick College SundayPyjamas Scoping
Marketing Content Project Pack Leashes Scoping
Hiring Marketing and Business Development interns Shine Projects Scoping
Building success in a new market (US) FXG Technology of America Scoping
Go-To-Market Strategy for Teen Undergarments Kit Undergarments Scoping
Marketing Strategy of the omni-channel marketplace HiO The HiO Life Scoping


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